Competition Entry: Over the Rainbow


Competition Scores

Competition category: Category B: For choruses, multiple voices per part
Entered By: Tenorsharon
Entrant name: Wellington city chorus
Number of distinct voice parts: 4
Number of singers: 23
Full names and voice parts of all singers: Jenna Searle baritone
Laura Sommer baritone
Shirley Mahoney bass
Stephanie needham lead
Nic Giles lead
Rosemary Turner bass
Claire Schmidt. Bass
Nancy Foakes bass
Nicci Tong lead
Claire Takacs lead
Leigh Vollans baritone
Nicola Kirkup baritone
Chris Constable bass
Bernadette Takacs lead
Val Taylor lead
Jenny Rattenbury tenor
Chris Weber baritone
Caroline Carter baritone
Helen Moriaty bass
Shelley Phillips bass
Heather Church lead
Rire Scotney baritone
Katie Mathieson baritone
Entry date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020