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Developing this site has cost a great deal of money, and it costs still more to keep it alive (hosting, domain names, etc). Any help you can offer in offsetting these costs is greatly appreciated.

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Programmers API
If you are a programmer, and would like to develop an application for the iPhone, Android smartphone or any other platform, please visit our API page

Tag Teaching Guidelines
Updated Apr 8 2019  Darwin Scheel has compiled and made available his Barbershop Tag Teaching Guidelines

How to Multitrack
Anyone interested in creating their own multitrack recordings should check out the excellent guides we've collected on our Multitrack page.

SmartPhone Apps
Access all the tags on our site from the following smartphone (iPhone, etc) applications:
  • Tag Master - DePollSoft (iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone)
  • Tagly - Peter Bryant (Android)
  • Tag You're It - Trevor Holder (Android)
  • Goodtags - Kenji Matsuoka (Android, iPhone coming soon)
With thanks to...
Matt Henderson, for designing our site's logo free of charge
Daniel Gillis from vocalharmonies.com, for providing the learning tracks for all 125 Classic Tags
Dean Martin from singersdaily.com, for making the domain name available


Links to Tag-related and General Barbershop sites

Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders: www.AHSOW.org
Woodshedding is how barbershop began on a rooftop in Tulsa.

The Ancient Harmonious Society of Woodshedders (AHSOW) was formed in 1977 with the purpose to preserve the skill of woodshedding as an art form within The Barbershop Harmony Society.
Andrew's Tags: harmonize.com/canterburyplainsmen/andrewstags.asp
Collection of original tags by Andrew from the Canterbury Plainsmen in New Zealand
Barbershop Harmony Society: www.barbershop.org
The organising body of Barbershop in North America
Barbershop Harmony Society Tags: barbershop.org/document-center/category/23-tags.html
Includes a link to David Wright's Classic Tags collection and many more individual tags, some with learning videos produced by BHS staff members.
Ben's Dropbox Tags: www.dropbox.com/sh/gm3osp8g1zqh93h/ayCjzukPuI
Around 200 selected barbershop tags optimized for viewing on mobile devices and organized into various categories. Folders of entire tag collections can also be easily downloaded.
BHS Free Arrangements (including tags): barbershop.org/document-center/category/19-free-music-for-printing.html
Large collection of Barbershop songs and tags, available from the Barbershop Harmony Society
BinG! Barbershop in Germany: www.barbershop.de
The German Barbershop assosiation.
British Association of Barbershop Singers: www.singbarbershop.com
BABS, the British Barbershop Association
D and D Charts for Free: danddchartsforfree.com
Original songs by Don Reeves, the vast majority of which are arranged in the barbershop style by Dennis Driscoll. The songs can be heard and a pdf downloaded at no charge.
David Wright: www.harmonize.ws/DavidWright
David Wright is a well-known arranger of Barbershop (and other) music, and was the original compiler of the "125 Classic Tags" booklet, all the tags of which can be found on this website, on the Classic Tags page.
DNSTags.com: www.dnstags.com/
Tag Master Darwin Scheel, creator of Barbershop Tag Teaching Guidelines, has created www.DNSTags.com to post all the Tags that Darwin has collected through the years as well as TagAnalysis Templates and Guidelines for Hosting a Successful Tag Party!
Harmony, Incorporated: www.harmonyinc.org
Women's organization of barbershop singers in North America
How to Record a Multitrack Tag: www.a-cappellamusic.com/how-to-record-a-multitrack-tag
Dean Martin has created an excellent tutorial for anyone wanting to learn how to create a multitrack tag (audio only, not video)
Online Pitchpipe: michelemcgovern.com/christian-music-pitchpipe.asp
A decent Online Pitchpipe for quick pitch reference.
Quartet Matchup: www.quartetmatchup.com
A new way to build a barbershop quartet! Use QuartetMatchup.com to find a quartet or to find a singer for your missing voice part.
Shop Vocals: shopvocals.com
Learning Tracks and tags
Singers Daily: www.singersdaily.com
An excellent blog full of articles for singers to improve their craft. The author, Dean Martin, also graciously made available the domain barbershoptags.com for this website.
Sweet Adelines International: www.sweetadelineintl.org
The organising body of Sweet Adelines (female Barbershop) worldwide
Tagaholics Anonymous: www.harmonize.com/rubix/tags/tags.html
96 tag learning tracks (no sheet music scores)
Tualatin Valley Barbershop Tags: tvhm.evg.org/tags/barbershoptags.html
About 50 tags, some with midi files.
Vocal Harmonies: www.vocalharmonies.com
Producers of fine learning tracks for a cappella arrangements. Daniel Gillis, the man behind that site, sung all 500 parts of the 125 classic tags found on this site.
wolverineks multitrack barbershop tags: www.youtube.com/user/wolverineks
www.youtube.com: www.youtube.com/user/nkbarbershopmultis
This is my You Tube channel. It will soon have many more videos of me singing tags.
YouTube: www.youtube.com
The source of all the video clips on this site.