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Title Parts Type Key Sheet
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
(aka "Cinderella")
Bass melody version
4BarbershopG 3.51
After The Love Has Gone
(aka "Can Love That's Lost Be Found")
Alternate Version
4BarbershopG 3.3 
(aka "Come on, Sing Again")
4BarbershopB♭ 3.5 
April Showers
(aka "Come Along")
Original Modification of Denis Driscoll's version
4BarbershopG 3.6 
At Rest On The Hillside
(aka "Coming Back Home")
4Other maleF 3.01
Before You Came Into My Life
(aka "Call Me Maybe")
4BarbershopC 3.3 
Blue Eyes
(aka "Crying In The Rain")
4BarbershopG 3.7 
Bo's in the house
(aka "Couple sodie pops")
4BarbershopB 3.21
California Hill4BarbershopG43.5 
Call Me Maybe4BarbershopB♭43.4 
Camelot4SATBF 3.4 
Cameron's Lament4BarbershopC 3.4 
Can I Have Your Number?
(aka "Phone Tag")
4Other mixed  3.3 
Can't Go On
(aka "Can't Go On, My Foot Is Half Asleep!")
4Other maleA 43.6 
Can't Help Falling in Love
(aka "Falling in Love")
Can't Help Falling in Love
(aka "Falling in Love")
4BarbershopD 3.5 
Can't Help Falling in Love
(aka "If Only Fools Rush In...")
Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Matthew Dwyer Arrangement
4BarbershopA♭ 3.4 
Can't Help Falling In Love With You4BarbershopA♭ 3.4 
Can't Stop Loving You4BarbershopB 3.41