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Classic Tags

Learning tracks sung by Daniel Gillis

Several years ago, a collection of 125 well-known Barbershop tags was compiled and published in booklet form.  This booklet has become the de facto standard of Barbershop tag singing.

More recently, Daniel Gillis from vocalharmonies.com (professional producer of fine a cappella learning tracks) went to the enormous effort of singing learning tracks for each of the 125 tags in that booklet.  He generously published them on his website - freely available for the Barbershop public to download.  This site would not be complete without including such a valuable collection, and Daniel has graciously allowed his learning tracks to be reproduced here.

All the tags below are complete with four learning tracks (plus an "All Parts" mix) and sheet music.

Download the Classic Tags book Download the Classic Tags book (730kb)
Download the Classic Tags voiced for women book Download the Classic Tags book, voiced for Women (503kb)

Download all learning tracks for your part: All Parts | Bass | Baritone | Lead | Tenor

1I Love to Sing 'Em
2Lonely for You Am I
3Way Down South
4Danny My Boy
5My Heart is Free
6Flower from an Old Bouquet
7I'll be Seeing You
8Wedding Bells
9Lonesome Rose
10The Sunshine of Your Smile
11When I Leave the World Behind
12My Diane
15Heart of a Clown
16No More Wine
17Lida Rose
18Darkness on the Delta
19Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone?
20Sunshine is Bidding the Day Goodbye
21We'll Just be the Same Old Friends
22Nobody's Waiting There with a Smile
23Foolish Over You
24Last Night was the End of the World
25Back in My Home Town
26Friendship and Love
27Run, Run, Run
28Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
29Gone are the Memories
30Goodbye Forever, It's Over I Know
31Melancholy Baby
32Lullaby and Goodnight
33Sleepytime Down South
34Give Me Your Hand to Hold in Mine
35Don't Leave Me, Dear Old Mammy
36Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
37We'll Build a Rainbow
38Roses I Bring to You
40Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?
41So Tired of Waiting for You
42Darling, That Someone is You
43Ireland, My Ireland
45Irish Mother
46Silvery Moonlight
48Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?
49All By Myself Alone
50Back in the Old Routine
51For Life is Interwoven
52Love Letters Straight From Your Heart
53When I Lost You
54Autumn Leaves
55Rhapsody of New York
56Lone Prairie
57Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose
58I Know We'll Meet Again Someday
59Old Bones
60Through the Years
61I'm So Alone with the Crowd
62She Stole My Heart Away
63In Dixieland Where I was Born
64The Old Dominion Line
65Spring Brought Me Flowers
66New York ain't New York Anymore
67Sonny Boy
68What Miracle has Made You the Way You Are
69To Reach the Unreachable Star
70My Old Kentucky Home
71Their Hearts were Full of Spring
72Bye Oh Bye Oh
73As Time Goes By
74Pal of My Dreams
75I Close My Eyes
76For Me and My Gal
77Please Don't Leave Me, Never Go Away
78There's No Place Like Home
79Mother's Boy
80When Raindrops Come Along
81Midnight Rose
83Bright was the Night
84Where is the Boy
85My Love is Your Love
86Left Me Lonely Nights
87Where is Love?
88Now There's No Time for Toys
89Over Troubled Waters
90Foggy London Town
91Little Pal
92Every Time I See You Cry
93The Shadow of Your Smile
94Show Me Where the Good Times Are
96Hush, Little Baby
97Mickey Mouse
98Lord, You Made the Night Too Long
99Baby, You're the One I Love
100Sure, They Called it Ireland
101Till Love Comes My Way
102You're the One Who Made Me Cry
103I'll Take Care of Your Cares
104Drop Me a Line, Say That You're Fine
105While Sweet Dreams Rest You
106First You Gotta Have Heart
108Happy Trails to You
109Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away
110After Today
111Cheer Up, Charlie
112Just When I Thought I was Through
113No More Hurrying, Worrying
114To My Beautiful Lifelong Friends
115My Romance
117When Nobody Else Wants You
118I Will Sail No More
119Though I'm Gone for a Long, Long Time
120London By Night
121Where the Southern Roses Grow
122If Happy Little Bluebirds Fly
123The Gang that Sang Heart of My Heart
124When I was the Kid Next Door
125When You've Wandered Alone