(aka "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry")

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Date Posted: Thu, 11 Dec 2008
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Key written in: F# Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Barbershop
Lyrics: Cry, I made you cry
Comments: This tag was arranged for the Side Street Ramblers in 1983. It was arranged by Brian Beck.

The song is credited as winning the International Championship for Side Street Ramblers. Semi Final scores put Center Stage ahead but the performance by SSR of "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry" blew the judges away and gave the competition to SSR.

The song had the same reaction at the 1983 Harmony College when SSR sang it on the Saturday Night Show.

Quoted from Brian Beck:

"I did write that tag. The concept of everybody going up there somewhere was our coach's - Don Clause. But I wrote the notes and the words. It was, after all, my composition (I'm Sorry I Made You Cry). Yes, the bass and bari go down to the seventh first, then the tenors go up when the bass goes down to the fifth (of the chord), so it's root, then root/seventh, then four parts. It's wrong in that book if they have it differently."

You'll notice that he says the Classic tag version is written incorrectly. If you look carefully you'll see the Classic tag version has the tenor going up to the third at the same time the bass and baritone descend. Brian says here that it is a mistake in notation and it should be sung as everyone always sings it, not as it's written in the book.

Also, just some trivia, when warming up by singing tags, if one forgets the tag he was going to teach, often they substitute the title of the tag into the cry melody, for example:
Smile, I made you smile
Friend, you are my friend <-- Sung in the cry tone
In this way there are numerous barbershop improvisations available on this classic tag

This is also one of the easiest tags to learn!

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Brian Beck
Year: 1983

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Made famous by
Side Street Ramblers
Year: unknown

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Daniel Gillis

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Daniel Gillis

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