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8 Part Tag
(aka "Ate part tag")
4Barbershop  3.6 
A 4.5 bar tagotherBarbershop 42.9 
A Calm Night4BarbershopE♭43.5 
A Cottage For Sale
The Newfangled Four version
4BarbershopG♭ 3.54
A Cup-a-Cocoa4BarbershopD 3.7 
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes4BarbershopB♭ 3.6 
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
(aka "Cinderella")
Bass melody version
4BarbershopG 3.61
A Drink on the House4BarbershopC 3.4 
A Faded Summer Love4Other maleA♭ 3.6 
A Foggy Day
(aka "In London Town")
Michael Buble version
4BarbershopE 3.5 
A Foggy Day
(aka "In London Town")
Gershwin/Dom Finetti version
A Foggy Day
(aka "A Foggy Day in London Town")
A Foggy Day (In London Town)
Bluegrass Student Union version
4BarbershopG 3.41
A Fool Like Me4BarbershopB♭ 3.4 
A Garden In the Rain4BarbershopF43.4 
A Girl that Men Forget4BarbershopG 3.5 
A Good Old Fashioned Song and a Smile4BarbershopA43.7 
A Good Old Song4Barbershop  3.5 
A Good Old-Fashioned Girl4BarbershopB♭43.7 
A Grand Night
(aka "It's a Grand Night for Singing")
Intensely Reharmonized Version
5Other mixedG53.5