Copyright Information

Whilst this site itself is copyrighted (its architecture and design), we, the creators of the site, do not claim copyight for any of the tags found here.  They remain entirely and solely the intellectual property of the creators of each corresponding song.

We believe we are legally able to offer all these tags here, as we adhere to the (complex) guidelines of the "Fair Use" doctrines of US Copyright law.  Specifically:

  1. We are offering the tags to the (Barbershop) community free of charge, and we do not make any profit from doing so.  Nor do we believe we are diluting the income of the copyright holders.
  2. We are only offering a small portion (the tag) of each copyrighted work (the song), not the entire work.
  3. The tags are offered as an educational resource for the (Barbershop) community

We have modelled our approach to copyright issues on that of YouTube.  There is much copyrighted material on YouTube's servers, all of it uploaded by its users, the general public (as is the case with this site).  When YouTube receives a request from the copyright holder to remove copyrighted material, it honours this request.  The same is true of this site.  In other words...

If you are the copyright holder for a particular tag, and would like that tag removed from our site, send us a request and we will honour your wishes.  Address such requests to  Please include some form of documentation evidence to support your claim.

Finally (and this is by no means a legal justification, simply a plea), to legally challenge the existence of the site would be a disservice to the Barbershop community.  We hope that we don't have to defend ourselves legally for providing what we perceive to be a useful and legitimate service.

The development team.