Lone Prairie

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Date Posted: Tue, 16 Dec 2008
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Key written in: F Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Barbershop
Comments: Bob Landry writes: I have the vinyl recording by the Luboff men. It was made in the early 1950s. We sang the full arrangement in the Albuquerque Chapter when I directed them in 1953-54. It was taken off the recording by Doc Hyden of the El Paso Chapter. Although this tag is close to the original and fun to sing - it is not complete. If you listen to the recording you will hear that they do two more measures after the ending you have here. I will try to make an MP3 of the recording and send it in. I have attached the NoteWorthy Composer notation file.

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Each recording below is stereo - one part on one side, the other parts on the other side.
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Norman Luboff
Year: 1966

Made famous by
Norman Luboff Choir
Year: unknown

Learning tracks sung by
Daniel Gillis

With thanks to
Daniel Gillis

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