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11 tags matched your search criteria:

Title Version Parts Type Key Sheet
Barbershop "Harmony"4BarbershopE♭43.8 
Barbershop HarmonyImproved version4BarbershopE♭4  
Can't Help Falling in Love4BarbershopA43.7 
Gary the Bari4BarbershopF43.5 
Happy Birthday4BarbershopB♭43.6 
Please Don't Take My Sunshine AwayMajor 7 penultimate version4BarbershopF43.5 
Sleepy TownLead Hanger version4BarbershopE♭43.7 
Sleepy Townbbshop 7 penultimate (no lead post)4BarbershopE♭ 3.7 
Those Barbershop Chords4BarbershopC42.9 
Will You Love Me4BarbershopE♭43.0 
You Are So Beautiful4BarbershopB♭ 3.4