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Title Parts Type Key Sheet
A Million Stars
5-part version by Ben Maloney
5BarbershopG♭ 2.8 
A Rose by Any Other Name4BarbershopA♭ 2.8 
Drivin' Me Crazy
4BarbershopFmin 3.4 
Happy Birthday
Ben Maloney version
4BarbershopB♭ 3.3 
Henry VIII, I am
(aka "I'm Henery the Eighth, I am")
4BarbershopB 3.4 
I Wasted Time4BarbershopE♭ 2.4 
I Will Sail No More
5-Part Version
5BarbershopF 4.0 
I'm Not That Girl
(aka "Wicked Tag")
4Female Barbershop  3.5 
If Music Be The Food Of Love4BarbershopA 3.8 
Last Night was the End of the World
5 part version
5BarbershopF 3.5 
Like Leaves We'll Fall In Love
Another 5part version
5BarbershopA♭ 3.6 
Like Leaves We'll Fall In Love
6-Part version
6BarbershopA♭ 3.51
(aka "In paradise the sun will rise")
6-part version
6BarbershopGmin 3.4 
Silvery Moonlight
5-part version
5BarbershopF 3.8 
Sleepytime Down South
5 part version
5BarbershopC 3.4 
We're Simply Meant To Be
(aka "The Nightmare Before Christmas Tag")
4BarbershopE 3.3