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Alone with the Crowd
Version in C
Angels Peek Through
(aka "When Angels Peek Through")
4BarbershopG 3.4 
Back Home4BarbershopB 3.5 
Back Home Again4BarbershopA♭ 3.5 
Bright Was The Night
Non-Gas House Gang version
4BarbershopB♭ 3.5 
Broadway Rose
(aka "No-one Knows Your Woes, Broadway Rose")
Polyphonic version
4BarbershopC 3.4 
Chariot4BarbershopC 3.3 
Chinatown4BarbershopB♭ 3.3 
Danny My Boy
"Classic Tags" version in C
4BarbershopC 3.5 
Drink To Me Only
(aka "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes")
4BarbershopE♭ 3.2 
Ev'rything's Rosy Right Now4BarbershopB♭ 3.2 
Everything Else Is Gone
Long version
4BarbershopB♭ 3.4 
Falling Slowly4Other maleC 3.6 
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen4BarbershopF 3.4 
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows4BarbershopC 3.4 
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Version in G
4BarbershopG 3.6 
I'm Goin' South4BarbershopC 3.1 
If My Children Were Babies Again4BarbershopE♭ 3.4 
Let The Rest Of The World Go By4BarbershopB♭ 3.4 
Let's Fall in Love All Over Again
SAI version
4Female BarbershopD 3.4