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Title Parts Type Key Sheet
All I Need From You4Barbershop  3.2 
And I'm Glad You're With Me Tonight4Barbershop  3.3 
Black, Black, Black is The Color of My True Love's Hair4Other male 43.32
Doughnut4BarbershopF 3.3 
I Get The Blues Most Every Night4Female BarbershopC43.4 
I Get The Blues Most Every Night4Barbershop 43.4 
I Want It That Way4BarbershopC 3.31
Just Rest Your Head4BarbershopA 3.6 
Just Rest Your Head
Female-voiced version
4Other femaleF 3.4 
Nature Boy5Other maleAmin 3.3 
Ring the Bells of Notre Dame4Other maleFmin 3.3 
Stella By Starlight5Other maleG 3.6 
The Last Time I Saw Paris
(aka "I'll Remember Her That Way")
4BarbershopA 3.3 
We're Done Here4BarbershopF 3.3 
Your Mama Don't Dance4Other male  3.4