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7 Oct 09
14 Apr 10
3 May 10
27 Oct 13
I stumbled across Sonny about a month ago when he did a video of 'You are my Sunshine'. He did the whole song, and I was floored! It's amazing, so immediately I asked him if he would like to do a collab tag. He took the initiative from there to write out the parts to this tag, and here we are now.

Visit him and subscribe @

Lead & Tenor - Sonny Vande Putte
Baritone & Bass - Mike Beck

Thanks so much for singing with me Sonny! Maybe someday we will meet in person. 
Until then, let's show people around the world that you don't need much hair to sing well. :) 12 Sep 09
4 Jan 10
18 Aug 09
30 Mar 10
23 Aug 10