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This is an inter-regional collaborative multitrack Barbershop tag by
Julien Neel:
and Patrick von Massow:

Please use
to watch in higher quality (HD).

We sung a slightly modified version of the Suntones' arrangement. The voices are distributed as follows (from left to right):
tenor: Patrick (Partyburner)
lead: Julien (trudbol)
bass: Patrick (Partyburner)
baritone: Julien (trudbol)

Special thanks go to Cédric Baillergeau:
for providing us with the score. Please take a look at his version of the tag as well as his other videos. 21 Jan 10
This is my first multitrack video. Please use for high quality. It is my own arrangement of Happy Birthday. The lowest note is a D2, the highest one is a G4. I recorded only the second half of the song, because I was too lazy to do the rest, right now.

And no: I am not smoking - it was just f***ing cold in the practice room.

The video quality is terrible, because I used the video mode of a digital camera to record it. 16 Feb 09
This is the tag for the song Midnight Rose, written by Ed Waesche in 1975, made famous by the Bluegrass Student Union and sung by many quartets. 19 Dec 10