Competition Entry: Come Fly With Me


Competition Scores

Competition category: Category B: For choruses, multiple voices per part
Entered By: GlendaSings
Entrant name: Canberra barbershoppers
Number of distinct voice parts: 4
Number of singers: 17
Full names and voice parts of all singers: George Spencer Tenor
Amy Miller Tenor
Caitlin Launt Tenor
Emma Enzerink Lead
Sophie Davey Lead
Tanya Kavanagh Lead
Avril Hughes Lead
Lydia Cox Lead
Katherine Rae Baritone
Brian Kavanagh Baritone
Brett Worth Baritone
Troy Davey Baritone
Glenda Lloyd Bass
Geordie Cullen Bass
Lachlan Mackenzie Bass
Peter Enzerink Bass
Hedley Nelson Bass
Entry date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020