Competition Entry: 1776


Competition Scores

Competition category: Category B: For choruses, multiple voices per part
Entered By: rittenhousesound
Entrant name: Rittenhouse Sound
Number of distinct voice parts: 4
Number of singers: 15
Full names and voice parts of all singers: Keegan Connelly, Tenor
Mike Anderson, Lead
Will Kushto, Lead
Chris Crawford, Lead
Eric Blum, Lead
John Toffey. Lead
Skyler Lehmkuhl, Baritone
Bill Toffey, Baritone
Howard Agram, Baritone
John Haak, Baritone
Aaron Pollock, Bass
Vance Lehmkuhl, Bass
Eric Engelhardt, Bass
Matt Page, Bass
John Wernega, Bass
Entry date: Sun, 22 Nov 2020