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State: NC
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'Til I Hear You Sing (Instant Classic extended version)
'Til We Meet Again
A Pirate's Life For Me
A Tag
After I've Had My Coffee
After Today
Back in My Home Town
Bells of Notre Dame (altered penultimate)
Cheer Up, Charlie
Clouds On Fire
Come Back Home
Foolish Over You
For Good
Forgive Me (Tenor hanger version)
I Get the Blues When It Rains
If I Can't Love Her
In Dixieland Where I was Born
Indoors (From Spongebob Squarepants)
Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho (Vocal Majority version)
Last Night was the End of the World
Let's Go Fly A Kite
Like Leaves We'll Fall In Love
Lily Marlene
Lost (52Eighty Version)
My Diane
No More Wine
Not While I'm Around (Tim Waurick version)
O Shenandoah (Coyote Run Version)
Our Yesterday
Red Robin...YUMM!
Scarborough Fair
Sleepytime Down South
Sleepytime Down South (8-part version)
Spend My Life with You (Instant Classic Version)
Superman (Alternate ending version)
Taggin' Around
The Impossible Dream
The Music of the Night
The Shadow of Your Smile
There's a Rose
To the End of the World (long version)
Under My Umbrella
When David Heard
When I Leave the World Behind
Where Am I Right Now?
Would You Like Some More?
You're Mine