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Membership: Regular
Voice part(s): Bass
Chapter/chorus/choir: Westminster Chorus
City: North Hollywood
State: CA
Country: United States of America

Nick Luna is a freelance Composer/ Arranger based in Los Angeles, CA. He earned an Associates of the Arts/Sciences with a concentration in Music at Bellevue College in January of 2016. During his time at Bellevue College, Nick earned a substantial Scholarship from the Music Department for his demonstration of exemplary leadership in Bellevue College's Celebration Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and the Bellevue College Concert Choir, both under the direction of Tom Almli. After college, Nick moved down to the Los Angeles area to pursue his dream of creating music for a living. There, he joined the 2009 ‘Choir of the World’ Pavarotti Trophy winner and three time International Chorus Gold Medalist of the Barbershop Harmony Society; the Westminster Chorus, where Nick quickly became a Bass Section Leader. 


Nick Luna Music is a company that specializes in providing a wide array of services to choral and other varied vocal ensembles around the world. While Nick got his start arranging for Barbershop ensembles in the Seattle area, he has done work with contemporary a cappella groups, show choirs, vocal jazz ensembles, as well as many award winning quartets and choruses of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Nick strives to constantly improve the quality and style of his compositions and arrangements by exploring a multitude of genres, and relentlessly creating new content.


Don't hesitate to contact Nick with any musical need. Whether your ensemble needs learning tracks, new music, refinement of existing music, or coaching, Nick is happy to help out in any way that he can.

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