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Membership: Regular
Voice part(s): Bass
Chapter/chorus/choir: West Midlands (Anvil) Chorus
Quartet/quintet/etc: Dadsarmony /Classmates
City: Birmingham
Country: United Kingdom

Retired Chartered Engineer. Army trained musician, Clarinet, Tenor Sax & Flute.
Married with two grownup children and three grandchildren. Singing barbershop for 30 years. Holder of BABS published and unpublished music.
A natural bass voice range but can manage tenor for most tags.
Love tags in the minor scale but cannot choose a favourte. It's like trying to say who is your favourit child or grandchild. Simply not possible. I have a real dislike of tags that are not in the barbershop style including quite a few that are published on this website. I rather expect tags on a barbershop website to be sort of in the barbershop style? But then I am 88 years old so I am allowed to be contaversial am I not?

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