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The Shadow of Your Smile (Low Bass version)

From Tag: The Shadow of Your Smile (Low Bass version)
Sung by: Forelunch
Posted By: wstuttsjr, Sun, 10 May 2015 More from this user
Key sung in: unknown (tag sheet music written in F# Minor)
Description: KJ McAleesejergins from "Lunck Break" sings with 3 of "Forefront." The performance of this tag is similar but has some slight differences from the dots posted here.

Bass -- Pretty much correct. They add an extra move (that is also done with tenor and bari) One the word "are" they bass jumps up to a B natural and then back down to the E before the final chord.

Bari -- It is correct till the word "when." Jump up to the lead line on F# and follow till end. The "are" move is D down to B then back to resolve on C#.

Lead -- C#, F#, G#, F#, G#, A (The Shadow of Your Smile) Then jump to the bari line on "when" on the D natural and read the bari line from there on.

Tenor -- C#, F#, G#, A, C#, B (The Shadow of Your Smile) On the word "when", keep the same note on B natural. On the last "are", you go A, G# then resolve on A#/Bb