Lover Come Back

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Date Posted: Mon, 22 Dec 2008
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Key written in: G Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Barbershop

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Each recording below is stereo - one part on one side, the other parts on the other side.
Adjust your audio balance control to either hear your part by itself or remove your part so you can harmonise with the other three.


Ed Waesch
Year: unknown

Made famous by
Year: unknown

Learning tracks sung by
Andrew Wheaton

With thanks to
Andrew Wheaton

18 Videos

The first of the "Layered style" multitracks while is set up like a 3/4 view quartet. Also, it is sung at a lower key than usual
Second Multitrack! Still trying to figure out the video! We're almost there! But here is the audio to Lover Come Back made famous by Revival! 

Thanks guys!
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Winning quartet in SNOBS, The Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers, 2013 TAG-Master Competition.
Afterglow from Ringmasters show in Williamsburg
Illustrates an alternative voicing, where baritone goes up an octave for the last 2 chords.