Like Leaves We'll Fall In Love

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Date Posted: Sat, 8 Jun 2013
Posted By: KK1993 | More from this user
Key written in: A♭ Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Barbershop
Lyrics: (Will fall)
Like leaves in fall we'll fall in love (in love).

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Each recording below is stereo - one part on one side, the other parts on the other side.
Adjust your audio balance control to either hear your part by itself or remove your part so you can harmonise with the other three.


Jake Tickner
Year: 2013

Made famous by
Summer Tagteam 2013
Year: 2013

Learning tracks sung by
Flerb88's Robo-Quartet

21 Videos

Rasmus Kriegström; Simon Rylander; Victor Nilsson; Didier Linder
I (standing far right) taught this tag in a tag room at the International Convention in Toronto in 2013 at the Fairmont  Royal York Hotel
Like leaves will fall with a suspension!
Seth Speaks: lead, tenor
Trevor Holder: bass, baritone
Mutli-track with Bass part doubled down the octave.
My go at a version with a continuous post.
Beautiful example. Singing starts at 0:25.
Barbershop John sings another tag on his YouTube Channel.
I add the 9th... I couldn't resist
Mapleroo is an international pop-up quartet. With members from the west coast of British Columbia Canada, to the Interior of British Columbia all the way to Pert Australia.
The Newfangled Four treated us to a very special tag at #BHSORLANDO


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