Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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Date Posted: Thu, 3 Nov 2016
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Key written in: B♭ Major
How many parts: 4
Type: SATB
Lyrics: And Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Now
Comments: Jazz/pop harmonies to a Christmas classic. Let the warm vibes of the text emanate from through the words and harmonies.

Soprano has the hanger note, with the Tenor and Alto lines to be sung freely. Watch out for that Ab in the Soprano - there is a natural tendency to sing A natural BUT DON'T DO IT.

Have fun singing this! Don't be afraid to play with the phrasing & breathing.

Full song arrangement at https://youtu.be/UhGW_3lJ7Lk?t=21s

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Sam Dabrusin
Year: unknown

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