Bluegrass Student Union version (aka "Love's Refrain")

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Date Posted: Sun, 6 Jun 2021
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Key written in: B Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Barbershop
Lyrics: Though I dream in vain,
in my heart, it will remain.
My stardust melody.
The memory of love's refrain,
a memory of love's refrain.
The memory that comes at twilight time.
Comments: In the BSU recordings, they're singing it in A=432 so it's definitely flatter compared to today's tuning.
I also found it interesting that there were many versions of the sheet music for the tag, but only one that correlated with the Latzko arrangement, and that version was number notation rather than music. (Really cool system though!)

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Walter Latzko
Year: unknown

Made famous by
Bluegrass Student Union
Year: 1978