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If I Never Knew You

Shortened and Altered Version (aka "Pocahontas")

Rating: 3.4/5
(61 votes - mouse-over to vote now!)

Posted By: pdpaddoc, Wed, 20 Jun 2012 More from this user
Key written in: G Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Barbershop
Lyrics:I'd be lost forever if I never knew you
Comments:Takes off of the Pocahontas tune. This uses the same tenor part for the first half and essentially does not have the hanger at the end. The baritone part is tricky; really listen to the other parts and cling when necessary. Bouncing E-Eb's are prevalent.

My latest tweak involves the leads going down a 5th on "knew"

Be careful on the C/G chord on the first "-er"

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Arranger:Paul Paddock Year: 2012
Made famous by:Eric Klack Year: unknown
Learning tracks sung by:unknown