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Voice part(s): Bass
Chapter/chorus/choir: Minnesota or Virginia/Minneapolis Commodores
Quartet/quintet/etc: Under The Hill
City: Minneapolis
State: MN
Country: United States of America

I am a jazz pianist and musician as well as a singer, always open to new experiences and playing, training the ears, trying new stuff out, things of that nature.

I had the pleasure of attending my first Harmony University in St. Joe, MO in the summer of 2009. I'd say that got me motivated to start writing down tags to show whoever wanted to try them out.

I like experimenting with and writing hybrid jazz/barbershop/other tags in my spare time. It helps as a stress reliever as well as an exercise to help me to aurally identify pitches while learning different voicing techniques on piano.

I have sung in choruses and choirs ever since I was 11, and have played piano since age 8 or 9. In December of 2011 I've had the privilege of singing with a chorus at the White House and during the following spring, the unforgettable experience of performing at Carnegie Hall! These experiences have enhanced my sweet tooth for complex harmonies and powerful emotions for pieces! I have graduated college now and really enjoy engaging in music wherever it calls for it.

One thing about the tags I arrange is that they may require an extra set of axles for the brain's inner sound system. People have often told me, "But that's not barbershop!" after being exposed to my tags, but that was never my intention to label my tags as anything but the titles I give them. They are what you make of them. A tag is a tag for anybody who wishes to open their minds and hearts to it, listen, and study it. I mean the kind where the mind interprets the sounds in its own way and becomes mesmerized by the patterns being created aurally and for the spirit and so on. I speak of very complex things, and nobody's brain works the exact same way, but you know what I mean. These tags I write also neither, in any way, bash the name of barbershop, nor do they overwrite existing definitions; they are sounds to enjoy and I believe extremist assumptions like these are only made by the brain who makes them and NOT by the music maker. I repeat, I merely like to experiment with new sounds, and my tags are welcome for ANY ears that wish to be opened further. Some may work, and some may not, but I'm willing to journey if you are. Let's not forget that sounds made by complex chords also aid to more connections in the human brain. Music is about making more connections and giving more light to our environments. I speak of course about many things in and out of the material and spiritual.

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