Christmas Wish

Criss-Cross and Lead Post (aka "So I Won't Be Alone")

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Date Posted: Fri, 15 May 2020
Posted By: pdpaddoc | More from this user
Key written in: B♭ Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Other male
Lyrics: So I won't be alone
Comments: Transcribed from their Holiday Spirits album. The only alteration is instead of major 7th at the end, I resolved to regular Bb. Either is acceptable--if you wish to brave the major 7th at the end, all you'd need to do leads is go down a half step on the ending note. The 'be' note can be a tricky one and liable for splatting. Keep it tall so the bass's serenading solo crawl at the end can achieve its desired effect and remain consistent. Bari you're posting as well, but have to change your note down a half step at the end. Can taper softer just slightly through its course like a ribbon by the riverside. Rejoice in that sexy chromatic C1/2dim7, Bmaj7, Bb resolve at the end & no robotics at all!!

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