How Deep is the Ocean?

Keepsake version (bari hanger)

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Date Posted: Thu, 23 Apr 2009
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Key written in: A Major
How many parts: 4
Type: Barbershop

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Each recording below is stereo - one part on one side, the other parts on the other side.
Adjust your audio balance control to either hear your part by itself or remove your part so you can harmonise with the other three.



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Year: unknown

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Angus Birdseye

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Whole song. Tag starts at 2:30. If you listen closely, you'll hear Tony's voice break at 3:12. He's only human...
Houston Tidelanders Afterglow
Well hello there,

This is a special treat. Brodie has been in Toronto for the past couple weeks because of some high profile barbershop gigs with Rendezvous, and while he was visiting, Josh Chevailier (aka Bordonthestreet) was also in town for a few days. We were able to meet last Sunday for a few hours, grab some breakfast and sight-read a few tags before he had to go.

Josh has been a good friend of Rendezvous Quartet ever since we got into the Youtube Barbershop scene. His multitrack videos were some of the first ones on the scene, and he pushed the visual boundaries and design of multitrack videos, combining technical prowess with stylistic intuition to make incredibly professional videos:

This is a tag originally sung by Keepsake.

Josh - bass
Andrew - tenor
Danny - lead
Brodie - bari

We hope that those of you that have been following us from the beginning will appreciate and enjoy this short little video. Cheers!