Our Winners!

Category A: One-take recording, one voice per part

Number of entries: 42 | Number in shortlist: 10

Winner - First Prize of US$1,000: Showpiece

Score: 83.0

2nd place: HusAar

Score: 82.8

3rd place: Contratempo

Score: 75.6
Debacle Quartet's entry in the 2020 tag contest!

4th place: Debacle Quartet

Score: 73.8

5th place: Sublime Quartet

Score: 71.4
Filmed on 14-Nov-2020 for the BarbershopTags.com International Tag Competition

Michelle - Tenor
Nat - Lead
Sharon - Bass
Natalie - Baritone

6th place: Luminous

Score: 71.0
Sung in a bike cellar in Copenhagen

7th place: Copenhagen Interpretation

Score: 68.6
For the HarmonySite tag competition

8th place: Chord Service

Score: 68.2
This is one of our entries for 2020 the International Tag Contest on Barbershoptags.com and sponsored by HarmonySite.

L to R   Chris Bateson (Baritone), William Stutts Jr. (Bass), Collin Price (Lead), Joelle Laginess (Tenor)

9th place: Will Sing 4 Food

Score: 67.6
Tag From Chile

10th place: Barbershop Sound

Score: 66.2

Category B: For choruses, multiple voices per part

Number of entries: 17 | Number in shortlist: 5

Winner - First Prize of US$1,000: Blue Sky Harmony

Score: 82.2
Members of the Manchester University Barbershop Singers (MUBS) singing the tag of Lost.

Many of these member joined the chorus during the lockdown of 2020, and so many of them have never met each other, and have never sang barbershop before, yet, this fantastic hobby has brought people closer together, more than they could have imagined!

2nd place: Manchester University Barbershop Singers

Score: 81.6

3rd place: The Baden Street Singers

Score: 75.4

4th place: Rittenhouse Sound

Score: 71.8
This tag was adapted for a virtual performance.  I have removed the fermatas and added a click track to the learning files so that a chorus can perform this remotely.

5th place: Amador Valley High School Choir

Score: 70.2

Category C: Multitrack, single singer

Number of entries: 104 | Number in shortlist: 21

Winner - First Prize of US$800: Sonny Vande Putte

Score: 88.0

2nd place: Francesco Logozzo

Score: 83.4

3rd place: Ben Catt

Score: 81.6
An original 4-part barbershop(ish) tag of Justin Timberlake's 2018 hit song, written for the 2020 HarmonySite & BarbershopTags competition.

4th place: Julien Neel

Score: 81.2
Cruella de Vil women's voicing, the tag is in Eb minor I think, 6 flats.

5th place: Chantel K Parsons

Score: 79.2

6th place: Miguel Carvalho

Score: 78.0
Jim Catt singing all four parts to What Kind Of Fool Am I - David Harrington. This is my entry for the International

7th place: Jim Catt

Score: 77.8

8th place: Kevin Koehl

Score: 76.8

9th place: Robin Park

Score: 76.6
For the tag contest.

10th place: David Breen

Score: 75.6

11th place: Emily Moriarty

Score: 75.4
This is an entry into the barbershoptags.com international tag contest.  Performing tag #4308, "I'm Afraid the Masquerade Is Over", originally sung by the Acoustix quartet and arranged by Ed Waesche.  No form of tuning adjustment or anything of the sort was used in the making of this video.  Special thanks to Eric Engelhardt for all visual post-processing as this is my first filmed video.  Enjoy!  -Keegan Connolly // KC Tracks

12th place: KC Tracks // Keegan Connolly

Score: 75.2

Equal 13th place: Liz Loop

Score: 75.0

Equal 13th place: Dom Finetti

Score: 75.0

Equal 15th place: Bear Schacht

Score: 74.4
To My Beautiful Lifelong Friends (aka "Thanks Again") - Barbershop Tag

Arranged by Peter Benson (1996)
Sung by Vinh Pham Van

Equal 15th place: Vinh Pham Van

Score: 74.4

17th place: Angie Kunasek

Score: 73.2

18th place: Alex Sanctuary

Score: 72.2

19th place: RĂ©mi Waser

Score: 71.6

20th place: James Gwaltney

Score: 70.4

21st place: Nicholas Moore

Score: 69.2

Category D: Multitrack, multiple singers (collaboration)

Number of entries: 54 | Number in shortlist: 10

Winner - First Prize of US$800: 1&2

Score: 84.2

2nd place: Cay & Fran

Score: 83.0

3rd place: Los Bordershop Quartet

Score: 80.6

4th place: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Score: 78.2

5th place: Mixed Signals Quartet

Score: 78.0

6th place: Miguel Carvalho & Bianca Varela

Score: 74.8

7th place: Joaquin Perez Rivas & Manuel Campins

Score: 74.6

8th place: Joelle and Travis

Score: 74.4
We sang this in D, a forth lower than the original in G. We also swapped a few notes in the male section, for ease of voice leading. The chords are otherwise unchanged.

Equal 9th place: Gwenatav and Trudbol

Score: 73.8

Equal 9th place: The Heights

Score: 73.8

People's Choice Award

Winner - Prize of US$500: Julien Neel

Encouragement Award

4 joint Winners sharing a prize of US$400: Caterina Traverso & Vinh Pham Van

4 joint Winners sharing a prize of US$400: Sahil Suneja

4 joint Winners sharing a prize of US$400: Bethany Southworth

4 joint Winners sharing a prize of US$400: Two Up Two Down

5- or 6-part Tag Award

Winner - Prize of US$200: Mixed Signals Quartet

8-part Tag Award

Winner - Prize of US$200: The Baden Street Singers

Funniest Tag Award

No winner