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This site contains 6181 freely-downloadable Barbershop tags, with more being added every day. Many tags come complete with learning tracks, sheet music - even video clips of them being sung.  Most of the tags are in the Barbershop style (male or female voicing), but there are also SATB and other a cappella tags available.

It's all FREE!

You can listen to the tags on the website, or download them to your own computer.  Most importantly, anyone can upload a tag or a video!  Every tag and video on this website was contributed by one of our members.  If you know a good tag, become a member and then enter the details into our site.  If you have the sheet music or feel like recording some learning tracks, even better!

Videos too!

If you know a good tag-related video on YouTube, you can easily attach it to a tag on our site.  If you're one of those people who creates those excellent multitrack videos, become a member and add them all to our site - it only takes a few clicks for each one!

We encourage you to download all the tags you want, and give each one a rating out of 5 (you don't have to be a member to do so).  If you notice some missing/incorrect information about a tag, it would be great it you could let us know (click on the Add Missing Details button on that tag's page).

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